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Cathay Pacific to Screen Olympics Inflight

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced it will screen daily Olympic Games coverage on StudioCX, the airline’s acclaimed multi-channel inflight entertainment system.
Highlights of the games will be shown from 14 to 29 August, and updated daily for all flights departing Hong Kong. The 10-minute show will bring the latest results and the most exciting highlights to our passengers direct from Athens.
In addition to the daily highlight, an Olympics update will also be shown on the Airshow channel as all inbound flights approaching Hong Kong. It will present the latest game results plus a schedule of upcoming events
August StudioCX highlights also include an array of blockbuster and first-release movies along with exciting sports specials covering golf, tennis, F1 and soccer. The Asian short feature, Sang Lan 2008, profiles Chinese Olympic champion gymnast who talks about her hard road to gold, while the documentary Football and Freedom looks at how two youngsters with different cultural backgrounds and talents fulfil their soccer dreams.
Other big-name movies, comedies and features include:
- The Day after Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. There is also the making of this stormy blockbuster in Behind The Scenes.
- The Ladykillers with Tom Hanks and Irma Hall
- Shrek 2 with the voices of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy
Cathay Pacific offers a wide choice of Asian entertainment, including at least six Asian movies each month, from Hong Kong, Korea or Japan. This month includes:
- Jiang Hu starring Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung
- Love On the Rocks starring Louis Koo, Gigi Leung and Charlene Choi
- The Miracle Box starring Ada Choi and Tse Kwan Ho
Popular television comedy shows on the Laughter channel include Friends, Will & Grace and I Love Lucy. Toontime and Kidz channels continue to provide exciting entertainment with Toy Story and Mulan. Meanwhile, the Discovery channel continues its exploration of the history of civilisation with The Lost of World of Troy, which questions whether the famous city from Greek mythology really existed.
Cathay Pacific StudioCX offers all passengers more than 20 entertainment channels through the personal television installed on every seat. Our audio and video on demand system also offers First and Business Class passengers on long-haul flights the choice of more than 350 hours of programming.