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Emirates Cadets Graduate in Adelaide

Emirates recently held a graduation ceremony at Parafield Airport, South Australia, for ten successful participants of its ab-initio commercial pilot training programme with the BAE Systems Flight Training College in Adelaide.

These ab-initio pilots, all UAE nationals, will now return to Dubai to continue their training in Emirates’ flight operations and fleet through various courses, before they become cadet pilots and then First Officers.  The next phase of training will take 14 months, and entire course of training for ab-initio pilots takes over three years.

The qualifications earned by the ab-initio pilots in Adelaide carry Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval and are recognised around the globe, reaffirming Emirates’ commitment to quality training and maintaining high standards for the safety of passengers and crew. 

Captain Chris Rademan, Emirates’ Vice President Flight Projects, presented the graduates with their diplomas and praised them for their hard work and dedication in completing the course, which extended over 15 months.

“The course requires a high level of commitment and dedication, and these graduates have displayed these skills consistently and effectively,” said Captain Rademan. “I would like to congratulate the ten graduates on their successful completion of the course.”


BAE Systems Flight Training College in Adelaide is one of the world’s leading pilot training institutions. The College has a long and successful history in airline pilot training, with a robust training program that has been developed over many years to ensure an optimum training outcome for entry to, and progression through, the airline environment.

A feature of the training is the integration of ground theory and flight instruction. This integration ensures the timely application, in an airborne environment, of theoretical knowledge, aiding both the rate and the retention of learning.