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Amman Marriott Offers a Sweet Suite Deal

Enjoy a fabulous vacation; treat yourself to “a sweet suite” deal this summer. The Amman Marriott Hotel is offering amazing rates for their suites starting at 99 Jordanian Dinars (subject to applicable taxes) for the lavish executive suites to 159 Jordanian Dinars (subject to applicable taxes) for the luxuriously decorated royal suites. This offer is valid as of the 13th of July, 2004.  Located in the heart of Amman, in the beautiful Shmeissani area, the Amman Marriott Hotel has very easy access to all business and touristic areas of Amman and Jordan. Amman’s Marriott Hotel will truly make your stay in Jordan a comfortable and pleasurable experience.  The qualified staff and hotel facilities combined, translate into more comfort for each guest.

Amman is an incredibly pleasant city and is certainly one of the friendliest you’re likely to visit. It offers a wide variety of historical sites and cultural attractions and is complemented by wonderfully gracious and welcoming people. 

Enjoy the ancient city that was once part of the Decapolis league. Amman, Jordan’s capital is at least 5000 years old. It is sprinkled with Roman ruins, including a citadel and a forum. The restored Roman theatre, just to the east of Downtown Amman, is the most impressive remnant of the Roman city of Philadelphia.

Marriott International is represented by two other hotels in Jordan - the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa and the Petra Marriott Hotel.

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