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Three Million Jobs to be Created in New Member States Says WTTC

There are three million jobs just waiting to be created in the new member states. An additional EUR46 billion in GDP is also readily available. The growth can spring naturally from the inherent vigour of Travel & Tourism, new research on the sector demonstrates.
The message will bring relief amid the post-enlargement blues that are hitting new member states as they adapt to being full members of the EU.

New research has identified a wealth of untapped potential for economic growth in new member states in the Travel & Tourism sector: growth that will boost local employment, providing real sustainable jobs at home.

These are predictions that are easily attainable on the back of forecast growth. And the levels of Travel & Tourism jobs and growth will be higher still if the new member states exceed forecast averages, either in overall economic growth, or in the share of Travel & Tourism in their economy.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the chief grouping of the international Travel & Tourism private sector, is backing this initiative because it can see here a win-win situation for Travel & Tourism, for the new member states, and for the EU as a whole.

It is today presenting a manifesto to the EU institutions, spelling out the opportunity and how the Travel & Tourism private sector is ready and able to help realise the potential.


“Action will also help restore the EU’s reputation as a motor of prosperity and constructive change - with its citizens, and with the wider world. Success will demonstrate that large-scale and adventurous action can promote economic growth to bridge the gap between haves and have-nots”, said Jean-Claude Baumgarten, launching the manifesto in Brussels today. “But it depends on a positive response from the EU institutions and from member states governments”, he insisted.

The Manifesto is led by a Steering Committee comprising of WTTC Members - who already have a strong presence in Europe, and a strong commitment to its development. This Committee is chaired by Dr Michael Frenzel, Chairman TUI A.G.

Lord Tim Clement-Jones, partner of DLA the international law firm and a member of WTTC’s EU Steering Committee said: “This manifesto sets out a practical blueprint for the EU and new member states to realize the great opportunities that lie for them in Travel & Tourism. WTTC and its Members will be working hard to ensure that the manifesto is implemented.”