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SkyTeam Launches America Pass

As of July 1, SkyTeam
passengers traveling to the Americas can explore the region and earn
additional frequent flyer miles by taking advantage of the new “SkyTeam
America Pass.” Alliance members Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, CSA
Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air are offering travelers from
Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific and select
countries in South America the opportunity to explore hundreds of
destinations in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States using
discounted fare coupons. With an expected growth rate in global passenger traffic this year, the
SkyTeam America Pass is designed to provide additional flexibility and
convenience in travel.

“We have always aimed to meet the evolving needs of the global traveler,”
said Patrick Bianquis, Air France’s vice president Alliances. “By offering
the SkyTeam America Pass, passengers can explore the Americas while
enjoying the consistent level of service they’ve come to expect on all
SkyTeam flights.”

Prices for a SkyTeam America Pass are based on season of travel and the
number of segment coupons purchased. Passengers holding long-haul flight
tickets on SkyTeam carriers to destinations in the Americas are eligible
to purchase up to 10 segment coupons as part of the new SkyTeam America

For example, a Paris-New York traveler who would also like to visit the
Pyramids of Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City and stroll down the
Hollywood Walk of Fame without the hassle of committing to a strict
schedule, can use a SkyTeam America Pass to enhance their original
itinerary. With three coupons (costing 549 euros plus local taxes as well
as Mexico entry and exit surcharges), the passenger can travel with great
flexibility on the three added segments.