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Anguilla opens first tourist office in U.S

The Government of Anguilla officially opened their first national tourist office in the U.S. earlier this month. The Honourable Osbourne B. Fleming, Anguilla’s Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism was joined by Rick Ammirato, a representative from the Mayor of White Plains’ office, the Hon. Joseph Delfino, at the Grand Opening ceremony.  The event also marked the occasion of the first foreign government tourist board to establish their office in Westchester County.
Senior officials were also on hand to join in the festivities, including Donna Banks, Assistant to the Chief Minister; John Benjamin, Chairman of the Tourist Board; and Amelia Vanterpool-Kubisch, Director of Tourism.

The office, which will serve as the U.S. headquarters for all sales and marketing activities for the island, is located at 246 Central Avenue in White Plains, New York and is headed by Mrs. Marie Walker, Regional Director of the Anguilla Tourist Board.

In thanking Rick Ammirato for welcoming Anguilla to White Plains, the Chief Minister said, “Although most tourism boards are located in Manhattan, after an extensive search we concluded it was good business sense to locate in White Plains. Westchester County was the ideal choice for our new office location given the solid business infrastructure, the affluent towns in Westchester and neighboring Fairfield counties and access to the entire northeast quadrant including close proximity to New York City. And reasonable rent.”

“We made the investment to open this office because we are determined to stay ahead of the tourism marketing curve. We will take advantage of technological changes to nurture and educate the travel community about Anguilla, facilitate the needs of our prospective visitors and strengthen our presence in the United States by the marketing efforts that will be led by the Anguilla Tourist Board in this facility.”

“Anguilla and White Plains share the distinction of being considered small communities. But that smallness has wonderful advantages. In Anguilla we are proud to be home of three hotels ranked best in the Caribbean, almost one hundred restaurants and accommodations to suit every pocket and purse.”


“More important” he continued, “in Anguilla our 12,000 people come with warm smiles, open arms, gentle souls and full-size hearts.  In fact, it is often said that we make other islands seem a little too big.”