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Jamie Clarke to Speak During 2004 ISPA Conference & Expo

The International SPA Association has scheduled an adventurer, author and documentary film producer as the final keynote speaker during the 14th annual ISPA Conference & Expo, Nov. 8-11 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nev., United States. Jamie Clarke will share his narrative in “Above All Else: The Power of Passion,” on the years of disappointments and tragedies that ultimately led to such triumphs as climbing Mt. Everest and crossing Arabia’s Empty Quarter before the age of 27. Clarke weaves his stories with awe-inspiring images and recordings showing his audience how to conquer fear through focus and successfully live their lives with passion. “Clarke’s messages of team building, coping with change and seeing failures as worthwhile experiences are invaluable lessons for our industry, our companies and our home lives,” said ISPA Executive Director Lynne Walker McNees. 

Clarke was the ninth Canadian to summit Mt. Everest and one of three Westerners to cross the Empty Quarter in 46 years. He has also explored more than forty countries, published two books and is producing an adventure documentary. “Real winning has nothing to do with beating someone else, or crossing the finish line first or standing on top,” stated Clarke. “It is an eternal satisfaction, a deep inner sense of pride and joy.”

ISPA’s largest Conference to date was held in 2000 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Registration forms, hotel information as well as the agenda for the 2004 ISPA Conference & Expo can be found online at