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Inner Health and Beauty Course at Scotland’s Penninghame House Offers Much More than a Week of Pampe

The spa break phenomenon has shown how much we need to get away from it all, but too often that just-back flush dissipates far too quickly.Ê The Inner Health and Outer Beauty Course at Scotland’s Penninghame House works from the inside-out, giving course participants lifelong skills during emotional coaching sessions and nutritional education programmes, to ensure the benefits are felt for years to come.During the week long Inner Health Outer Beauty Course in the beautiful grounds and mansion house on the Penninghame Estate; leading health, fashion and style experts from around the world teach the art of radiating health and beauty from the inside out.Ê

The course is designed to help participants understand how to start appreciating and loving themselves for who they truly are - energy, body and soul.Ê This is achieved through instruction in nutrition, emotional stress, health maintenance and personal presentation.Ê Each participant receives in-depth personalised education in:

1)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Food and Health Coaching: health consultations involve the use of the latest medical devices to assess physical health, bio-resonance treatments and vital foods for detoxifying and balancing blood sugar, restoring balance to the physical body.

2)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Inner Beauty involves emotional coaching sessions including self-awareness advice, inner stress reduction techniques, meditation, yoga, tai chi and other visualisation and relaxation techniques.Ê Participants can then enjoy the benefits of an emotional detox as the flow of endorphins in the body increases and stress chemicals are reduced.Ê Stress chemicals produced by the body cause.

3)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ premature ageing, weight gain and also possibly lead to life-threatening conditions like diabetes and heart disease.


4)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Bodywork Treatments clear toxins from the system, and address specific ailments including postural and structural problems, muscular aches, joint pain, headaches, weight problems.Ê Treatments available include osteopathy, neuromuscular therapy, manual lymph drainage, aromatherapy and Alexander Technique.

5)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Personal Styling and Presentation is taught by an international hair and fashion stylist.Ê Participants learn how to wear their clothes and hair to bring out the best of their personality and outer features for both professional and social occasions.

6)ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Personal Fitness assessments are available when required. Also available during this week long pampering and life-enriching programme are saunas, nature walks, golfing and fishing.Ê

Says Maria Butler “We researched the market and spoke to hundreds of people who’ve been on a number of different style spa breaks and said that were disappointed that the beneficial effects didn’t last long, often finding themselves planning their next break within a week or two of going home.Ê

“With the Inner Health And Outer Beauty Course, we wanted to create programme which gives long lasting effects, which crucially needs to involve some self awareness study.Ê ‘Getting away from it all’ often includes people wanting get away from themselves, so during this course, we show people how to learn how to love themselves as the crucial path to inner health and outer beauty.”

The Inner Health And Outer Beauty Course at Penninghame House, near Dumfries, costs £1,550 excluding flights.Ê Travel from the airport is made by arrangement with Penninghame House.

Next course dates: June 13th - 20th.

For more information on the course, call 01671 401414 at Penninghame House, Scotland.