Breaking Travel News Launches ‘DealFinder’ service with O2 has launched an exciting new service through the O2 mobile network that enables leisure-seekers to locate various deals in specific relevant areas through their mobile phone using the latest mobile location technology. Ê
This unique initiative opens a further distribution channel for products and demonstrates’s ability to offer leisure solutions any time, anywhere and on any communications device. ÊBecause specific and user-relevant offers can be requested to the handset, the service will be invaluable not only to those who are in an unfamiliar area, but also those near to home or work who want to benefit from local offers. ÊCurrently live on O2 Active, this service will soon be available to consumers through other UK mobile networks, the first of which will be Vodafone Live! followed by Orange World.

‘DealFinder’ gives real-time access to the database in a few easy steps. ÊHaving selected ‘’ on the main portal menu, the user selects ‘DealFinder’ which presents the user with the options of ‘All Deals’, ‘Eating Out’, ‘Hotels’ and ‘Going Out’. ÊEach will then offer a choice of locating relevant deals ‘Where I am now’* or ‘Somewhere else’. ÊThrough advanced triangulation** techniques the location of the user’s handset can be pinpointed and deals in the selected category and location are displayed both on a map and in a short search summary on the user’s handset. ÊThe handset location is enabled by Mobile Commerce, which gathers position information direct from network operators.

Matt Jerwood, Manager of Global Multi Channel Development at, comments: “To be able to locate special offers near to you within seconds is a fantastic service. ÊWe’re well ahead of the market with our new alternative distribution channels, both in technology and consumer insight. ÊConsumers want to know things right away and this new functionality enables them to get more from their leisure time, not to mention access to our great deals relevant to their precise whereabouts!”

Hugh Griffiths, Head of Data Products and Services, O2 UK, “We’re delighted to be able to extend this service to our customers. ÊPeople are relying more and more on their mobile phones as their communications tool of choice and enabling them to access deals around them is a great addition to the O2 offering.”