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The Collagen Collection from Natural Laboratories: Naturally Put Back What Nature Takes Out

The collagen from Natural Laboratories is one of the purest forms of
protein available. It is completely natural and does not contain any fat,
cholesterol, additives or preservatives. Regular supplementation with
Natural Laboratories: Collagen Collection will effectively replace the
collagen that the body produces in decreasing amounts from the age of 25.
Collagen is the most frequently occurring vital protein in mammals and
represents about 30% of mammalian protein.  From the age of 25, collagen
levels reduce at about 1.5% every year as part of the ageing process. This
contributes to skin losing its elasticity, hair and nails becoming brittle
and a general stiffening of joints. By the age of 45 collagen levels have
reduced by up to 30%. Since the 1970s, studies have been carried out which clearly show that the
intake of collagen is not only able to replace missing collagen, it can
also activate the formation of new collagen by the body.
Supplementing the body?s natural ?supply? of collagen directly helps the
body’s skin, hair and nails as well as helping to fight joint pain and

Younger Looking Skin

Collagen helps to build the connective tissue in skin. It is this
connective tissue that effectively cushions the skin making it firmer and
more elastic.  Supplementing collagen can help to reduce the fine lines and
wrinkles in just a few weeks. 

Stronger Thicker Hair

One of the reasons hair becomes thinner and more brittle during the ageing
process is the reduction of protein in the hair follicle.  By taking
Collagen Collection capsules the levels of protein are increased.

Strengthens Brittle Nails

Protein is also essential for the growth of longer, stronger nails. 

Natural Laboratories does not claim that the Collagen Collection is the
?elixir of youth? ? it is however a completely natural way of replacing a
vital protein in the body that directly affects the signs of ageing.


Collagen Collection capsules and sachets can be ordered by phoning 01306
877162 or visiting