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Divers can see the benefits of Bonaires sustainable programs

Divers can see the results of Bonaire’s sustainable tourism practices firsthand by visiting one of the Island’s national parks. Preserving the natural surroundings for more than three decades, these national parks showcase nature at its best and why Bonaire was recognised by National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Established in 1979 the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) gives divers the chance to glimpse an amazing underwater world. Filled with corals, sponges and schools of fish (Bonaire proudly boasts more than 350 species of fish) divers can explore the 86 marked dive sites which are located not only around Bonaire, but also off of the coast of Klein Bonaire.

Approximately half-mile to the west coast of Bonaire is Klein Bonaire.  Incorporated into the BNMP in 1999, this uninhabited island’s attractions are its pristine beaches and the more than 20 dive sites located just offshore. Not many people know that the island is also a nesting place for sea turtles.

Accessible only by boat divers will relish exploring underwater and nature lovers will be wowed by the chance to see a Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles in their natural habitat.  More information on the BNMP can be found at