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Delectible Treat-ments from Aqua Dessa

While most of their peers are just starting their careers and paying their
dues (and college debts), twenty six year olds- Ric Kostick and Susie Wang are revolutionizing the beauty industry with innovative, highly effective, clinically proven, all natural treatments that heal and beautify the skin. They don’t just use trendy ingredients that have a good reputation or use a dab of enticing ingredients for appeal… To pass for Aqua Dessa, all the ingredients are clinically proven to improve the health of your skin and all the formulas are highly concentrated and potent.

Aqua Dessa is an all-natural skincare line made with only the highest quality ingredients. Only the most effective and the best of vitamins, essential oils, medicinal herbs, botanicals, seaweeds, vegetables, fruits, and other skin nourishing, proven ingredients are used with an emphasis on high concentrations of potent antioxidants. While other companies skimp and use small amounts of a “natural ingredient” to lure customers, Aqua Dessa products are 100% active ingredients, absolutely no fillers, no water, no synthetic chemicals, no animal by-products (except honey) nothing but pure goodness…. Aqua Dessa is fully concentrated with only the best and most effective active ingredients.

Three different, luxury/cosmetic conglomerates bid millions of dollars to acquire Aqua Dessa. As tempting as it was, Susie and Ric didn’t sell themselves short. “It was very hard to walk away from all that money, but we believed in our hearts, if we sacrificed a few million dollars right now, it would mean billions later”. Ric and Susie knew Aqua Dessa was an un-mined Diamond mine with unlimited diamonds. So, Ric and Susie turned down the millions of dollars and decided to start mining for their own diamonds. They sold off formulas to the world’s largest cosmetic companies and took 2 years to research, test, and develop a fresh new line of exciting products that the world has never seen… the new line will launch May, 2004.

“I have always been obsessed with beauty products,” Susie recalls.Ê “It is
my passion and what I’m innately talented in.Ê I started early. I began
pampering myself when I was a child, getting spoiled like a princess at
exclusive spas regularly since I was 5 years old. And ever since- health, beauty, self-nurturing and pampering has become the way of life. The day I turned 15 (the legal age to work), I went to Neiman Marcus and begged (and got) for my first job as a makeup artist for a prestigious cosmetic line.Ê From that point on, my love, my knowledge, and my passion for the world of beauty escalated.” Soon, Susie began doing makeup for runway fashion shows, magazine shoots, and displaying her makeup talent on celebrity supermodels such as Cindy Crawford - when she was still only 16.

Rick also always had a passion- his love for business. Building empires and the world of business fascinated him. His love for business started early. When in elementary school, while his classmates were out in the school yard playing dodge ball, Rick was huddled in the library alone, busy reading about business tycoons… dreaming of the day he’ll too become a business icon. While Rick’s friends wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, Ric negotiated with them and convinced them to play moneymaking games.


Ric and Susie both attended UC Berkeley. When they met, it was love at first sight. They are best friends; soul mates and they have the best time working together. With Rick’s natural business talents and Susie’s creativity- it was a dream marriage (both in business and personal) that equaled success and will escalate to a beauty empire.

So far, they’re off to a great start with luscious products that not only are deliciously tempting but also are healthy for your skin and pure enough to eat! Yummy delectables like their antioxidant hot fudge mask made with real, gourmet chocolate is loaded with the most potent anti-aging antioxidants to heal cellular damage, nourish, and protect your complexion… and will leave your skin silky soft! There are other chocolate luxuries in Aqua Dessa creations, including a rich lathering “Chocolate Milk Suds” that are pure chocolate bubbles! For a lavish chocolaty treat- have fun rubbing your body with chocolate and espresso beans! Aqua Dessa’s “Chocolate Espresso Body Scrub” is probably the best body scrub you’ll ever use- definitely the most delicious! Indulge in chocolate all your want, especially when it’s for your skin because it’s not just a yummy treat, chocolate is a potent topical antioxidant! And for white chocolate lovers- indulge in Aqua Dessa’s “White Chocolate Macadamia Scrub” that is melted white chocolate butter heaven with skin softening macadamia.

After you’ve had your chocolate fill, steep deep in Sake like the Geisha’s once did to preserve their virgin like smooth skin, “Sake Bath” is made with premium sake, green tea, and rice oil. And for the wine connoisseurs, Aqua Dessa wouldn’t neglect you, especially when Aqua Dessa is in the heart of the Wine country! Napa inspired Aqua Dessa to develop “Wine Scrub”, a delectable body scrub of crushed grape seeds simmered in honey and red wine. And when all you want to do is relax, soak in “Wine Bath” as your body gets intoxicated as it drinks up all the healing benefits of red wine. Red wine and grapes are abundant with proanthocyanidins, which are potent antioxidants that diminishes the sun’s damaging effects and other free radical events.

Fresh strawberries are blended with honey and antioxidants in “Strawberry Jam Scrub” to polish your face to perfection. When you need to detox, debloat, and reminerialize- soak in “Seaweed Detox Bath”, made with unrefined French sea salts from the Brittany coast in France, seaweeds and essential oils…The ocean contains more than 60 different therapeutic properties- you’ll receive all the benefits from the ocean since none of the therapeutic properties have been stripped away like most sea salts. “Coconut Milk Foam” suds creamy rich coconut milk bubbles that make you nostalgic for lazy summer days in Tahiti.

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