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ABTA Travelspirit Home Alone Survey

Does your partner have a job in travel? Were you always concerned about them ‘playing away’? According to the latest ABTA
Travelspirit magazine and ABTA survey almost 10% of respondents who have been left at home while their partner has been off globetrotting - have been unfaithful… and got away with it! Of those who travel for business (44%) only 4% had strayed - most were thoughtful and considerate of their partners and phoned home at least once a day (65%) and always brought a present home (72%).
However a huge 96% of Home Aloners trusted their partners although it didn’t stop them from checking their mobile phone bills when they were abroad (28%).

Most arguments are caused by a partner’s ‘tiredness’ on their return (27%), not spending enough time with family (21%) and finances (20%). But not ringing home enough, their constant absence and not wanting to go out at home (all 16%) were still high on the list of things argued about.

An incredible 14% of respondents argued about being responsible for their laundry or travel pre-planning - added to another impressive figure - 40% of you organise their travel arrangements.

For the full story, read the Home Alone feature in the ABTA Travelspirit April/May Issue on sale 31 March, 2004.

“It’s become a fact of life that relationships will have to be able to withstand long absences from home as so many people increasingly have to travel for work. We were intrigued by the details of what people argued about - and the fact that home aloners did their partners laundry!,” said Maria Pieri, Editor, ABTA Travelspirit. 


“But it gives a positive image of the modern relationships when you consider how many respondents trust partners who work abroad,” she adds.