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E.Piphany is First Choice for Streamlining Customer Communications

E.piphany today announced that the UK & Ireland Division of First Choice Holiday PLC has chosen and implemented E.piphany E.6 CRM software to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities across its multiple brands, strengthening its customer-centric strategy.
First Choice’s CRM objective is to streamline communications in order to obtain a single, consistent view of its customers. Previously, each brand operated autonomously, without maximizing the opportunity to increase sales through cross-brand campaigns.

“As part of our commitment to change from a brand-centric to customer-centric organization, we looked for a CRM solution that would help us achieve our goal, and had the flexibility to grow with us,” said Claire Wilson, Head of CRM at First Choice. “We needed to understand our customers’ needs, in order to enhance customer loyalty. We are confident that this will now be achieved through our progress to executing targeted, group and brand level customer marketing campaigns through E.piphany’s software.”

Phase one of First Choice’s CRM strategy focused on shop segmentation and retail outlet performance. Analysis of shop location, customer profiling and transactional history will allow First Choice to better target brochure requirements based on each individual retail location’s mix of business and potential market.

In December 2003, Phase one of the CRM project went live, involving the centralization of all customer data and reduction in operational costs by bringing all outsourced, data warehousing and marketing activities back in-house. The E.piphany E.6 Marketing software suite was chosen, for its strong analytic and campaign management capabilities, to help facilitate cost-effective marketing strategies and the reduction of irrelevant and duplicate mailings and the introduction of email campaigns. First Choice now has the resources to send highly targeted, personalized marketing messages across multiple communication channels, including direct mail and e-mail.

First Choice is now considering further phases of the project to provide web personalization and leverage customer information across the call center network.


“We’re proud to have First Choice join our roster of successful enterprise customers,” said Ellen Olson, senior vice president, marketing, E.piphany. “We look forward to continue helping First Choice optimize their business processes to maximize the value of each customer interaction.”