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Loyalty Customers Getting Better at Playing the Points Game

It’s really elementary - we are a nation in search of the best bargains,
and customer loyalty programs are no exception. A recent study conducted
by Priority Club(R) Rewards, InterContinental Hotels Group’s guest loyalty
program, revealed that 32 percent of loyalty program members can be
identified as “Sherlocks,” or people who crave the best deals and will
work to find them.
Priority Club Rewards, the world’s first hotel guest loyalty program,
recently concluded its Point Psychology Survey, which was designed to help
people uncover their loyalty program earning personalities, determine
which loyalty program features are most important to them and determine
how to maximize the benefits of these features.

Based on their answers, respondents were placed into one of six distinct
behavioral classifications with descriptive names like Sherlock, Swinger,
Snob, Stasher, Shepherd and Slacker. Dr. William G. Emener, a licensed
psychologist who aided Priority Club Rewards in formulating the Point
Psychology Survey, evaluated the responses and helped create the
behavioral classifications.

“Point Psychology reveals behavioral tendencies that surface not only in
point collection but in everyday situations,” explained Dr. William G.
Emener, chair of the Department of Rehabilitation and Mental Health
Counseling at the University of South Florida and author of 14
relationship books. “The inherent trigger that makes the Sherlock search
seven different stores for the best deal on a new suit also prompts him to
check the Web sites of each major hotel program for the best point
promotion before the next trip.”