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LodgeNet Honors Top-Selling Movie Studio

LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation , the world’s largest provider of
interactive television systems and broadband services to the hospitality
industry, today recognized two movie studios for their record-breaking
contributions to the Company’s in-room movie sales last year.
Disney provided LodgeNet with 29 releases that combined for more than $16
million in sales during 2003—a LodgeNet record for yearly revenue
attributed to one studio. In addition to the Oscar(R)-winning hit Finding
Nemo, other top-performing Disney titles included Bringing Down The House,
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, and Holes.

“We have worked hard to serve the many hoteliers who rely on Disney and
LodgeNet for family-friendly in-room entertainment,” said Dan Cohen,
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Buena Vista Pay TV. “We are
gratified to see our relationship with LodgeNet pay off so successfully.”

LodgeNet also recognized Bruce Almighty, released by Universal Studios, as
its top-selling movie for 2003. The comedy grossed a one-month LodgeNet
record of $1.6 million on its way to a total of $3.5 million in LodgeNet
system sales.

“With one of the world’s most popular stars and a theme that resonates
across many ages and cultures, Bruce Almighty had the necessary
ingredients to play well in hotels,” said Holly Leff-Pressman, Senior Vice
President, Worldwide Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand, for Universal
Television Distribution. “The features offered by LodgeNet’s interactive
systems really helped maximize the performance of this title in the hotel
pay-per-view window.”

“All of us at LodgeNet would like to congratulate Disney and Universal
Studios on the outstanding performance of their respective titles,” said
Steven D. Truckenmiller, Senior Vice President Programming & Content
Management for LodgeNet. “We look forward to continued success with them
and the many studios and distributors with whom we have valued