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The Latest in Oriental Detox Focuses on the Feet

New from Japan comes an innovative design for effective detoxification. Koyotakara combines natural ingredients and acupuncture to produce one of the easiest ways to help cleanse the body of impurities. 

As an excellent complement to spa-based detox treatments, Koyatakara represents all the benefits of acupuncture, reflexology and simple foot massage in an effective spa and retail produce.


How It Works

A sachet of natural ingredients is affixed to the sole of the foot before retiring. During sleep, this sachet draws out toxins from the body. In the morning the sachet will be coloured (grey or brown) with an unpleasant look and odour - a result of the expelled toxins. The key ingredient in Koyotakara is wood vinegar, also known as pyroligneous acid, which is well known for its ability to draw out toxins. Other ingredients include bamboo vinegar, chitin, chitosan, vitamin C, loquet leaf, tourmaline and pure silicate.

The Benefits

Whilst using Koyotakara over a week or so, the coloration will become lighter and the amount of fluid less as the body reduces its toxin levels. It is said that long-term benefits include enhanced metabolism, strengthened immune system, better sleep and increased energy.


Why The Feet?
Eastern and conventional medicine traditions both regard the feet to be a general indicator of overall health. In acupuncture, more than 60 pressure points are based in the sole of the feet alone. When applied, the sachets activate these points, which in turn, prompt the body to reject toxins.