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Livingwell Introduces New Employee Assistance Programme

LivingWell Health Clubs is introducing a counselling service for its 2000 employees nationwide.

LivingWell Health Clubs is introducing a counselling service for its 2000 employees nationwide. The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) will be available from October, enabling staff to access independent trained counsellors for help and advice through a 24-hour helpline.

An independent, confidential off-site counselling and referral service, the EAP will give advice and practical solutions for difficult and sensitive issues, from family problems and bereavement right through to work pressures and substance abuse.

Employees wishing to receive counselling of any kind simply call the EAP freephone number at their convenience. The service can also offer face-to-face counselling for employees needing an extra level of support and guidance.



To launch the programme, each member of staff will receive a leaflet and EAP assistance card, explaining how the programme works.


Christine Morton, personnel director at LivingWell said, “In today`s stressful environment we recognise the need to offer employees as much support as possible. This should not only include support such as regular training, but mentoring and counselling to help guide employees through difficult periods of their personal or professional life.


“Although we widely encourage feedback and fluid communication, we understand that some issues are difficult to raise with our colleagues. This programme will enable employees to seek independent guidance and help.”

LivingWell strives to be responsible and sympathetic, positioning itself as the preferred employer in the industry. The introduction of the Employee Assistance Programme underlines the health club operator`s commitment to its employees.


The advice line can also be used as a support for employees who are unsure of how to resolve a difficult work situation such as addressing erratic behaviour or reprimanding another member of staff.


As domestic problems can bear so heavily on individuals, the service will also be extended to immediate family members, living with LivingWell staff.

The Employee Assistance Programme is managed by Personal Performance Consultants (PPC), a leading provider of assistance programmes in the UK.

Ginette Camps-Walsh, director of account management at PPC said; “The most common problems presented to our clinical counsellors are those relating to personal life events - divorce or problems with a partner or a bereavement. However, the issues most frequently arising from work relate to stress and communication and it is not always possible for these to be directly addressed at work.

“With the support of our confidential counselling service, employees are able to analyse the cause of these worrying problems, put them into perspective and gain the confidence to address them. Employees are not the only ones who benefit - responsible companies, like LivingWell, find that counselling can lead to reduced absenteeism, increased company loyalty and improved employee moral.”