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Brits twice as like to holiday at home as go to Spain

Brits twice as like to holiday at home as go to Spain

The Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and rediscovering the fun of holidaying in UK. With so much going on in the UK this year, independent research from BDRC Continental’s annual Holiday Trends 2012 survey shows that the lure of the staycation has never been stronger. It also shows families leading the way as they plan to enjoy the best of Britain, while the 58% of respondents seriously considering taking their main holiday in the UK is more than twice as many - 23% - as those considering Spain and over four times as many as those considering the USA. All of which has combined to make the UK the leading holiday destination for UK holidaymakers – overtaking Western Europe and the Mediterranean.

There are also clear signs that while this year’s Holiday Trends report shows a slight decline in the number of planned holidays across all age groups, the British are reluctant to give up their holidays. 89% are considering a break of seven days or more in 2012 and 58% are looking to the UK for their break. Families are also an important factor in the health of the UK holiday market. The proportion of families seriously considering spending their main holiday in the UK has increased from 38% in 2009 to 70% in 2012.

Steve Mills, Director, BDRC Continental believes this heralds a new trend among holiday- makers. “Families remain committed to taking a main holiday and one of the legacies of the staycation,” he says “is the realisation that you don’t have to abandon holiday plans completely in difficult times. And it’s not just about perceptions of saving money. Holidaying in the UK has become a positive choice. Standards of service and accommodation are undoubtedly improving and people are re-discovering what the UK has to offer.”

Holiday Trends 2012 shows that UK resorts have the opportunity to retain their staycation visitors – 79% of holidaymakers who chose the UK in 2010 claimed they would return the following year, while 88% holidaying in 2011 claimed they will return in 2012.