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BookLogic launches MaxiChannel distribution system

BookLogic launches MaxiChannel distribution system

BookLogic has launched MaxiChannel Manager that expands the features and capabilities of its rate and inventory distribution system for all its existing clients, providing access to more channel performance data and automated distribution controls.

MaxiChannel Manager has two-way connectivity at its core with a mobile responsive design that allows the product to be accessible from anywhere at any time.

BookLogic expanded the selection of reports and data available to provide hotels with greater insight to the performance of all its channels in order to optimise visibility and develop third party sales partners.

The new system has automated features for allocation management as well as defining rates and revenue strategies related to demand and yield performance, giving hotels chance to react with immediacy to market changes or changes within their own properties.

Hotels will be able to set an occupancy-based pricing strategy in one rate plan for supporting channels.


Plus the extension to include new meta-search channels including Skyskanner and Trivago, and a content API for to manage hotel description and images, will begin to support all external sales within a single management suite.

“It’s been a remarkable year as we focus on leveraging all channels across the internet to improve revenue from third-party and direct sales,” said Oral Yigitkus, chief executive, BookLogic.

“We are committed to giving hoteliers the best deal; this includes the best product, the best connections and the best strategies to optimise reservations and revenue from travellers. The suite of products we are launching this year will give hoteliers greater independence and self-reliance in internet sales.”

MaxiChannel Manager from BookLogic will support multiple currencies and connect to the company’s sales channel network that is offering a faster connection than before, with data pushed in a single second for all two-way API connections.

The award-winning company BookLogic is developing a mobile application for MaxiChannel Manager which should be available later in the year.