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Bombardier’s ZEFIRO Very High Speed Train Tops Design Awards

Bombardier’s ZEFIRO Very High Speed Train Tops Design Awards

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has won the iF Product Design Award as well as the Good Design Award for its groundbreaking very high speed (VHS) train currently being developed for leading railway markets in Europe, Asia and North America. The ZEFIRO train combines aerodynamic efficiency with a distinctive appearance reflecting Bombardier’s state-of-the-art technologies.

The ZEFIRO platform forms the basis for the most economical and eco-friendly family of high speed and VHS trains. It combines the highest capacity in the industry with pioneering levels of passenger comfort and employs leading-edge technologies and advanced aerodynamics to reduce energy consumption. The technology exists to meet virtually any high speed requirement anywhere in the world.

The ZEFIRO high speed train platform can accommodate speed performance from
250-380 km/h (155-235 mph) and is highly flexible. ZEFIRO trains can significantly reduce travelling times between major cities and boost interregional economic growth.

The iF Product Design Award from Germany recognises design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, safety as well as brand value. It is also the third time in five years that Bombardier has won the Good Design Award for its train design. The award is conferred annually by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design together with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

“These prestigious awards are testament to the ZEFIRO VHS train’s innovative approach to very high speed travel,” said Michael Sohn, Teamleader Industrial Design, ZEFIRO project, Bombardier Transportation. “As one of the world’s fastest series-production trains, its design benefits from Bombardier’s long-term expertise in train specific aerodynamic research. As well as being extremely energy efficient, the train’s shaping of windows, lights, splitlines and graphics creates a distinctive appearance that sets new standards in the railway industry for sustainable transportation and passenger comfort.”


The unique aerodynamic design of the ZEFIRO train family leads to superior cross wind stability, aerodynamic drag and pressure pulses. Bombardier Transportation is the first company in Europe to develop and apply an aluminum carbody for driving cars as well as trailer cars in the high speed segment, resulting in reduced weight and lower track wear as well as full compliance with stringent safety requirements. Bombardier’s UK-based Centre of Excellence for aluminum carbody design, in Derby, was involved in the development of the technology.

Other innovative developments include the BOMBARDIER EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System and Bombardier’s Thermo Efficient Climatization System. These and other energy saving measures mean that ZEFIRO trains boast the lowest energy consumption per seat of any VHS train. All of Bombardier’s expertise and experience gained from building more than 850 high and VHS trains in the past two decades has been invested in the development of this next generation vehicle.