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Bermuda’s Lost Yet Found Campaign Lures Visitors

Bermuda’s Lost Yet Found Campaign Lures Visitors

Bermuda Tourism Authority Launches Brand-New Campaign with Invitation to Discover the True Wonders of Bermuda
Getting lost has never felt so good. Today, the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) announced the launch of its new campaign Lost Yet Found, a wide-ranging multimedia marketing initiative that highlights Bermudian experiences and entices visitors to dive deeper into the island’s culture. The result will shed light on the Bermuda way of life, making a vacation on the island a richer and more rewarding journey.

Lost Yet Found leans into the mystery of Bermuda. It doesn’t give everything away—it invites people to find Bermuda for themselves and to find the activities, people, cuisine, and experiences that speak to them. Bermuda has something to dazzle just about anybody: pink and blue beaches, vibrant art and culture, impeccable style, cosmopolitan class, history in its bones, and some of the greatest golf on the planet. But the best part of Bermuda? Bermudians.

“Lost Yet Found is pure Bermuda,” said Jamari Douglas, the BTA’s Vice President of Marketing, PR & Communications. “Our agency is led by a Bermudian, our BTA Marketing team is mostly Bermudian, the production was shot by Bermudians, and the video talent is all Bermudian. With the support of our international partners, we worked to create a campaign that is authentic to the Bermuda experience. We want our visitors to enjoy the joy and magic that every Bermudian does — all the things that make us the unique, world-class destination that we are.”

Proverb, the award-winning, Boston-based brand agency for Bermuda Tourism Authority is led by Bermuda-born Daren Bascome. Of the campaign, Bascome said, “Our goal for our work with the BTA was to create a brand for Bermuda that captured the abundant character of our small country. As much as it is a travel campaign, we’ve also seen it as a nation-branding exercise. Travelers want the real and authentic, so featuring the unique sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and temperaments of the island felt distinctly important. Our campaign centers around the promise of discovery and originality: something for everyone who wants to get lost yet found.”

The Lost Yet Found campaign was built around extensive research and data which showed that potential visitors are seeking authentic experiences in the destinations they visit — and that Bermuda is well-positioned to provide those experiences. The BTA intends to utilize this campaign to drive visitors to the island in line with organisational objectives as outlined in the National Tourism Plan.


Nhuri Bashir and Andrew Kirkpatrick of Burnt House Productions, a Bermuda-based multimedia creative agency said, “As an internationally recognized, Bermudian-built agency, being tapped to lend our creative insight to promote Bermuda has been an honour. It has been a career highlight to work with the star-studded array of local talent on both sides of the screen. We could not be prouder of the authentic voice that the collective has delivered through Lost Yet Found.”

The campaign will be rolled out in the coming months with both digital and out-of-home placements being secured in key markets such as New York, Toronto, and Miami. Additionally, there will be a focus on attracting a new demographic to Bermuda with a focus on secondary markets such as Dallas, Vancouver, and Atlanta. Research shows these cities show high interest in traveling to Bermuda.

“The launch of the campaign is great news for Bermuda’s tourism sector,” said Tracy Berkeley, interim Chief Executive Officer at the BTA, “It comes at a crucial point on our strategic recovery journey, providing us with the tools to build awareness, engage the marketplace, and attract the right type of visitors to the island during a critical time of year.  We are proud of the campaign which offers a stunningly fresh take on Bermuda and exudes authenticity while remaining in alignment with the goals and objectives of the National Tourism Plan. We have employed business intelligence from global, regional, and local markets as part of our strategic marketing and are confident that our data-driven insights will deliver what is needed to push the destination forward.”