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Beijing Covid-19 outbreak slows aviation recovery

Beijing Covid-19 outbreak slows aviation recovery

A renewed spike in coronavirus cases in Beijing is slowing the recovery of passenger jet operations in China.

That is according to the latest flight tracking data from Cirium.

The travel data and analytics company recorded a 0.5 per cent decline in tracked scheduled passenger jet flights by Chinese operators for June 16th compared with June 9th.

Of the country’s largest carriers, Beijing-based Air China appears to be affected most.

It operated approximately 730 flights on June 16th, versus nearly 900 on the same day a week earlier.


Meanwhile, schedule and status data for yesterday (June 17th) for the whole of China showed a total of 2,500 flights were removed or cancelled, while just over 9,200 flights operated.

On the equivalent day a week earlier, nearly 400 additional flights were flown, while the total number of scheduled flights was roughly the same.

May was the first ever month in which Chinese operators flew more scheduled passenger jet flights than their US counterparts, however current trends suggest this position could be reversed in the coming weeks.