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Bahrain launches first online tourism training programme

Bahrain launches first online tourism training programme

The Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority has launched its first ever online training programme.

The programme sits on the Online Travel Training platform and is designed to promote the destination and build awareness, educating the travel trade about Bahrain and its many tourist attractions.

The program will be offered free of charge to travel agents.

Through it, the BTEA plans to develop a team of accredited travel trade experts with the necessary knowledge to act as effective ambassadors in selling Bahrain as a destination of choice in the UK market.

The programme comprises of a number of self-contained modules, each focusing on a particular aspect of Bahrain’s tourism.


The modules range from Bahrain’s culture and lifestyle to its islands and water sports.

The programme will also cover the kingdom’s festivals, events and accommodation, before finally rounding up with ten fantastic top tips, an essential for any agent selling Bahrain.

Each module will be comprised of information and a short test, which trainees can complete at their own pace.

To be conducted entirely via online distance learning, the program offers total flexibility to suit participants’ individual schedules.

The programme also contains a row of ‘top tabs’ offering additional key information and tips, such as a downloadable restaurant app and a comprehensive list of accommodation options, ranging from apartments to five star luxury.

The training programme will be accompanied by a trade sales incentive, run by Digital Spring.

The incentive is designed to encourage agents to complete the training programme, offering the chance to win a number of fantastic prizes.