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Australian Car Rental Companies To Offer Hybrid Cars

Australia is now offering vehicle hire clients the opportunity to rent hybrid cars for the sake of the environment. Low emission, hybrid and flex fuel vehicles are simply the latest craze on the Australian vehicle rentals market.

Most car rental companies in Australia such as Avis, Enterprise and Hertz have incorporated these types of vehicles into their fleet and the market has seen a sharp 56% increase in the sales of these vehicles in the country.

Hiring a hybrid vehicle from car rental companies certainly comes with its benefits. Saving on fuel costs and producing less carbon dioxide is a major benefit. These types of vehicles are usually smaller than most and are therefore cheaper to hire.

Hybrid vehicles such as the Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima and Toyota Prius are popular on the market and usually in high demand with rental companies. The Toyota Prius in particular has an “engine shut off” feature when switches off the engine when the car comes to stop. This helps to save on fuel, so there is absolutely no wastage.

There are of course precautions that need to be taken when making use of a hybrid car.
Making use of the brakes actually charges the vehicle’s battery, so breaking too frequently and too hard could over charge the battery. Some makes and models of hybrid vehicles have special gears and functionalities that must be explained to the driver before it is hired.


With the demand to “go green” and do one’s bit to protect the environment, car rental companies not only in Australia but across the entire world, have to be proactive and add these vehicles to their fleet. This ensures that their carbon foot print as a company is reduced and the environment is taken care of.

Car rental companies in Australia such as Car Hire 4 Less make it possible for travellers and tourists to hire hybrid vehicles if they are trying to look after the environment and save on fuel and rental costs. Consider going green for your next Australian holiday.