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ASUR announces participation in bidding for Brazilian airports

ASUR announces participation in bidding for Brazilian airports
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, S.A.B. de C.V. (ASUR), the first privatized airport group in Mexico and operator of Cancun Airport and eight others in the southeast of Mexico, today announced that it and Advent International have made a joint bid to participate in the bidding process for concessions for three Brazilian airports.   Advent and ASUR delivered their joint bid to the Brazilian Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil (National Civil Aviation Agency, or "ANAC") today.

Pursuant to the process established by ANAC, the bidding is for a concession to expand, maintain and operate the Brasilia, Guarulhos and Campinas airports.  Although bidding groups may deliver bids for more than one airport, a bidding group may only be awarded the concession for one airport. ANAC will evaluate bids based on compliance with certain technical criteria and the confession fee offered by each bidding group. 

The winning bidding group for each airport will be required to form a joint venture with Empresa Brasileira de Infraestructura Aeroportuaria (Infraero) in which the winning bidding group would be the majority shareholder and Infraero would be the minority shareholder.  The joint venture company, in turn, would hold the concession for the relevant airport, which will require the joint venture company to maintain, operate and expand the airport. The terms of the concessions are expected to be 25 years for the Brasilia airport, 20 years for Guarulhos and 30 years for Campinas. The winning bidders for each airport will be required, among other conditions, to maintain a minimum amount of equity in the joint venture company holding the concession, and to pay the concession fee in annual installments during the term of the concession.

ANAC has indicated that it will announce the identities of the bidding groups, and on February 6, it will unseal and publicly announce the concession fees offered by each bidding group.  The three bidding groups that have offered the highest concession fees for each airport will then participate in a live public auction for that airport.  On February 7, ANAC will announce the bidding group that has offered the highest concession fee for each airport.  Subsequently, ANAC will confirm whether those bidding groups have complied with the technical criteria.  The bidding groups offering the highest concession fee that meet the technical criteria will be announced as the winners of the concessions.