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APH highlights wi-fi costs at UK airport lounges and hotels

APH highlights wi-fi costs at UK airport lounges and hotels

A recent survey by BDRC Continental found that 49% of business travellers are “very likely” to replace their number one choice hotel brand for one that offers free Wi-Fi*. In order to help business travellers plan ahead, Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) has compared the Wi-Fi costs in UK airport hotels and airport lounges which is available in the Know Before You Go section of the website at

The research compares the cost of Wi-Fi access in airport hotels within 15 minutes of major UK airports highlighting the cost of access in hotel rooms, conference rooms and public areas. This includes the cost of Wi-Fi access in the private lounges of the same 24 airports.

Of the 93 hotels surveyed, only 44 were found to have free Wi-Fi in public areas including The Quality Hotel at Edinburgh Airport and The Best Western at London Gatwick Airport.  With regards to Wi-Fi access in conference rooms, 66 offered access with only 36 making this available for free or included in the price of the room.

The research also found that the highest cost of hotel Wi-Fi was a substantial £8.16 per hour or £16.33 for 24 hours at a major hotel brand in Birmingham. There is also a large difference in the cost in rooms versus the cost in public areas with one Aberdeen hotel offering customers free Wi-Fi in public areas and a £15 charge for 24 hours in hotel rooms.

With regards to Airport Lounges, these were found to offer Wi-Fi access at a lower cost or included in the price of the lounge. However, three airport lounges of the 24 reviewed were found to charge for Wi-Fi with the Executive Lounge at Cardiff Airport charging £5 per hour, the Servisair Executive Lounge at London Gatwick Airport charging £3.02 per hour and The Aviance Lounge at London Luton Airport charging £1.50 per 15 minutes.


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