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Amadeus links with Ryanair for low-cost ticket innovation

Amadeus links with Ryanair for low-cost ticket innovation

Ryanair and Amadeus have announced a new agreement that will bring a wide range of the carrier’s fares and full ancillary services content to Amadeus subscribers for the first time in over a decade, via Amadeus’ innovative light ticketing technology.

The airline’s ancillary services content will also be made available.

The agreement also means that Ryanair‘s new Business plus fares will be made available to Amadeus subscribers.

Under the terms of the agreement Amadeus subscribers will not be subject to any surcharge when booking Ryanair and the fares displayed via Amadeus will have parity with Ryanair’s other distribution channels, including its website.

The agreement marks a significant milestone for Ryanair in its journey to appeal to a wider cross-section of travellers.

Speaking earlier Michael O’Leary, chief executive at Ryanair, commented: “Ryanair is pleased to partner with Amadeus whose technology represents a significant opportunity for us to reach a wider range of business and corporate customers.

“With more than 27 per cent of our customers already travelling on business, we are continuing to improve Europe’s best business service, with the lowest fares, most on-time flights and our tailored Business Plus service.

“For business travellers, corporations and TMCs, this agreement will mean greater access to our low fares and Europe’s largest route network.”
The use of Amadeus’ technology, designed specifically for low fare airlines, provides simplicity for both Ryanair and Amadeus travel agency partners.

With a completely ticketless approach for the airline, dynamic fares and ancillary content are provided via an XML link to Amadeus.

Amadeus subscribers’ experience of booking Ryanair flights and ancillary services will be exactly the same as booking any other airline through the Amadeus system with the complete integration of traditional shopping, booking and back-office processes combined with real-time dynamic fares and services.