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Allianz Global seeks to speed up travel insurance process

Allianz Global seeks to speed up travel insurance process

Allianz Global Assistance UK is seeking to improve its claims process for holidaymakers filing a travel insurance claim form, hoping to ensure a ‘right first time’ submission and speedy payment.

The company found that one in three claims did not include the right documentation when first filed, and has enhanced its digital claims system to help make the process quicker and simpler.

Confirmation of the original travel booking is the most commonly-missed document, which is also one of the most vital for a claims handler to arrange settlement.

This is often received by email or accessible through a customer’s online account;  with the new system ‘booking confirmation’ can now be easily retrieved and submitted online, wherever the claimant is in the world.

Paul Doran, head of travel operations for Allianz Global Assistance UK commented: “A new generation of consumers, influenced by the level of digital services offered by other sectors such as retail, have come to expect matters will be handled online. 


“The travel insurance industry is far behind, and needs to step up to this expectation sooner rather than later.

“As such, we have reviewed and updated our entire claims process, focusing particularly on making it simpler for customers to send the required documentation and streamlining the claims management process.

“We no longer require the original paper copy of certain documents, and are instead able to accept a digital version submitted online or via email.

“We also now provide our customers with a checklist of documents we need in order to assess a claim, which helps ensure we receive the right documents first time, reducing delays and speeding up the process of assessing claims.

“We are continually looking at ways to improve the customer’s claims experience, to ensure it does not add unnecessary strain at what can often be a stressful and upsetting time for those having to make a claim.

“This major change in our claims process is just the first step we are making towards a digital insurance solution, but should have a huge impact on turnaround times of claims, significantly improving the customer journey.”