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All Nippon Airlines voices Dreamliner concerns

All Nippon Airlines voices Dreamliner concerns

Officials at All Nippon Airways (ANA) have expressed concerns over the latest delays to the Boeing Dreamliner 787 project.

The Japanese carrier is set to become the launch airline for the new aircraft once its development is completed.

However, Boeing has already been hit by over two years of setbacks.

Earlier this month test aircraft Dreamliner ZA002 was grounded following an electrical fire, prompting speculation of further delays.

In response ANA chief executive Shinichiro Ito expressed his “great disappointment”.

“We are pushing them to present the detailed cause of the irregularities,” he added.

“We are pushing Boeing to present the schedule for the delivery as soon as possible.”


All Nippon Airways

ANA has ordered 55 Dreamliners with the first due to be delivered over two years ago.

However, persistent delays have forced the carrier – the second largest in the country behind troubled Japan Airlines – to revise its fleet retirement plans.

Yet, despite the delays, ANA remains committed to the project.

Asked whether ANA regretted ever ordering the jet, Ito responded: “Never! It’s a dream!

“Of course we have a great disappointment about the delay but our top priority is to have an excellent fleet.”