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Air China signs codeshare with Kunming Airlines

Air China signs codeshare with Kunming Airlines

Air China and Kunming Airlines signed a codeshare cooperation agreement in the city of Kunming earlier, with the two carriers now offering free marketing on each other’s selected domestic flights.

According to the agreement, the two carriers will connect the city of Kunming to their respective route networks.

With the cooperation, Air China will put its code CA on the nearly 500 weekly flights of 26 routes operated by Kunming Airlines, which will extend its route network to the cities of Yunnan province and other neighbouring cities.

At the same time, Kunming Airlines will put its code KY on about 210 weekly flights of nine routes operated by Air China, which will extend its network to most of China’s big and medium-sized cities.

Lou Yongfeng, managing director, international cooperation department, commercial committee, said: “Air China has always attached great importance to establishing partnerships with other carriers.

“It is our hope that our codeshare cooperation with Kunming Airlines will help us make the most of our synergies, further improve the networks of both sides and make it easier for passengers around the country to travel to and from Yunnan.”

Air China is China’s only national flag carrier and also the largest carrier between China and Europe and between China and America.

Its route network serves over 162 destinations in 32 countries and regions worldwide. Kunming Airlines is a Kunming-based carrier with a network serving most of the second-tier and third-tier cities in Yunnan province.