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Air China offers flight-shuttle link-up

Air China offers flight-shuttle link-up

Air China has become the first Chinese airline to offer combined tickets that include domestic flights and shuttle bus services to nearby cities.

The first combined flight-shuttle bus ticket will connect Tianjin via shuttle bus with domestic flights passing through Beijing.

The service will later be expanded to hub cities such as Shanghai and Chengdu, connecting them via shuttle bus to their peripheral cities.

The new service will expand Air China’s network and make it much more convenient for passengers living in cities surrounding the nation’s airport hubs.

Previously, passengers transferring to or from a shuttle bus had to fill out a form to carry on their journey. But now passengers are able to check, book and buy combined tickets on Air China’s website or through the sales hotline.

Zhou Enyong, general manager of Air China’s marketing department, said: “Air China’s new flight-shuttle bus combined ticket brings more flexibility to the hub network.

“It is just the latest example of how Air China strives to provide more innovative services to passengers and make their lives more comfortable.”


Passengers Convenience

The combined route includes two parts: an Air China flight; and the shuttle bus, which is also given a flight number.

The shuttle bus from Beijing to Tianjin, for example, has flight numbers of CA9001 and CA9003.

If a passenger from Tibet wants to fly to Tianjin, he can buy a combined ticket on Air China’s website and get to his destination just by showing his ID card.