Breaking Travel News highlights Oktoberfest highlights Oktoberfest, Asia’s leading global hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group, announced fantastic Munich hotel rates for Bavaria’s biggest festival – Oktoberfest! Launching on Saturday, September 22, and wrapping up on October 7, Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest fair, attracting more than 6 million visitors a year in a celebration of boisterous Bavarian culture. Held in Theresienwiese in central Munich, the event kicks off with the ceremonial “tapping” of the first keg of the season by the Lord Mayor.

Oktoberfest has been held every year since 1810, and while beer is central to celebrations, there’s more to the 17-day event than Bavarian brews. There are 14 tents to choose from and each caters to a different audience, with different music, a different array of food, and different overall ambience. Some tents are smaller, such as the Burtschers Bratwursthuttn tent, with seating for an intimate crowd of 90, while others, such as the Löwenbräu tent, can seat upwards of 5,500 people at a time.

To get into the spirit of the festival, visitors can don traditional Bavarian outfits – lederhosen for men and different styles of dirndl for women. All beers at Oktoberfest are made exclusively in Munich, so international travelers can enjoy famous beers like Augustiner and Hofbräu straight from the source.

Enjoying Oktoberfest in Munich is a family-friendly affair, with rides and attractions for children and venues such as Bodo’s Café Tent, which serves cakes and pastries from 9:00 am, and a special kids’ day held in the Augustiner tent. Along with famous locally-brewed beers, visitors can enjoy classic Bavarian dishes: ham hock, potato salad, bread dumplings, venison, cheeses, roast duck, oxen, veal, fish, plus seemingly limitless derivations of meat and sausages. For those who would like to burn off some calories, the livelier tents stay open until 1:00 am, with DJs, live music, and dancing.

As one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Munich has as much to offer Oktoberfest visitors. Recently in the limelight as the host city for the European Cup, it’s got high-tech sports and leisure venues, plus medieval castles and palaces, churches, museums, and galleries and, of course, beautiful Bavarian landscapes.


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