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African economies on fast track for investment

African economies on fast track for investment

Over the last couple of years there has been a dramatic change in the way investors are looking at the African continent as a place to do business.

And the foundations of many of the African markets are proving to show a solid footing. Bench Events has been at the cutting edge of this trend, with the annual Hotel Investment Conference Africa, scheduled for later this year, ideally placed to allow investors access to this developing market.

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report explained that Africa’s GDP rose 4.9 per cent per year during the last decade with only 24 per cent of this growth attributable to Africa’s wealth of natural resources and global demand for commodities.

Growth has been accelerated by governments’ moves to cut red tape, improve infrastructure and a willingness to forge new partnerships with foreign investors.

Jonathan Worsley, organiser of Hotel Investment Conference Africa (HICA) said: “We have been actively building relationships with governments and consultants in Africa to launch this investment conference, which will take place at the Hyatt Casablanca from September 26th-27th.

“The purpose of the conference is to show delegates how successful investors and operators have overcome hurdles, to showcase good practice and to facilitate further hotel investment to the region.

“We are also delighted that so many ministers will be participating in the conference.”

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HICA Programme

The HICA programme is almost complete with a wealth of speakers from Africa and around the world.

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