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Aeromexico launches UK advertising campaign

Aeromexico launches UK advertising campaign

Media Agency Group has undertaken a multi-format advertising campaign for leading Latin American airline, Aeromexico.

Dispersed around the London region, the combination of outdoor and published press and online advertisements will be systematically released for a total of 26 weeks in preparation for the launch of flights between Mexico City and London Heathrow which commence on the December 15th 2012.

The press campaign will be presented in the London Metro, City AM and the national Saturday Telegraph, with additional full-page spreads in Travel Weekly, including the airline edition.

Metro will also display digital banners across the website.

Dominating the out of home branding is a fleet of 150+ taxis ornamented with superside and fully livery graphics, flaunting Aeromexico’s culturally significant Eagle Knight logo alongside an aeroplane gliding between clear skies and a vast blue sea.

To enhance the power of the campaign there will be an additional 150+ taxi flip seats covered with Aeromexico branding.

Based in Mexico City, the globally-reaching airline prides itself on a relentlessly maintained, reliable collection of aircraft.

With a variety of aeroplanes to choose from depending upon the requirements of each domestic or international flight, Aeromexico has been reaching limitless highs since 1934.

The airline is the first in its location to schedule flights between Mexico and Japan, subsequently adding China as its latest new destination in 2008.