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Aeromexico in tech focus

Aeromexico in tech focus

Aeromexico has revealed that as of this month of September, passengers can keep their mobile electronic devices, such as tablets, ebooks, video games, digital music players and smartphones turned on throughout their flights, provided all data transmission functions are turned off and their devices are kept in “flight mode.”

Corneel Koster, Chief Operating Officer at Aeromexico, noted that the use of electronic devices on board during the flight means a technological breakthrough for the airline.

“We are the first airline in Mexico to apply this measure on our flights. With this important step, Aeromexico joins the leading carriers across the globe in offering the ease of use of technology and on board entertainment systems in a safe environment. This is great news for our customers, who will not have to interrupt their personal entertainment or work flows at any time during the flight,” he added.

The Mexican Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) recently approved the rules needed to apply this measure, similar to the safety provisions approved by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA), and other authorities worldwide.

Thus, Aeromexico stays at the forefront with the technology and safety needed to continue offering its passengers the best experience of travel, comfort and tranquility.