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64% of Brits arriving late or missing flights

64% of Brits arriving late or missing flights

Kabbee, London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app has revealed today that a concerning 64 percent of people in the UK have caused flight delays by arriving late to the departure gate, or have completely missed an international flight.

According to the Bureau of Transport Statistics, so far this year 25 percent of all flights have experienced a delayed take-off, so Kabbee is on a mission to help all Brits arrive at the gates on time.

Kabbee’s study reveals the top six reasons for passengers missing or delaying a flight:

1.    Traffic delays on public transport (engineering works, road accident) – 39%
2.    Overslept – 28%
3.    Last minute packing / disorganised – 26%
4.    Forgetting the date of travel – 18%
5.    Going to the wrong terminal – 13%
6.    Passport had expired – 12%

Kabbee is the UK’s largest virtual fleet, with more than 10,000 licensed minicab drivers right across London.  Each year, more than 25 percent of all bookings via the app are to and from London’s airports.


The Kabbee mobile app prompts all airport passengers to enter their flight number, which gives their driver live arrival information, guaranteeing perfect timekeeping – against all odds.

Justin Peters, Kabbee’s Founder and CEO is keen to help all passengers get to the airport on time – he comments: “Our study is designed to remind people that have a flight booked this holiday season to plan ahead for a stress-free getaway, and also to help reduce the amount of delayed flights leaving London’s airports.

“On average, people book minicabs via Kabbee to get to the airport 27 hours before their flight is due to take off.  Not everyone is so organised however, we do still see a large percentage of people booking a minicab ASAP too.”