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Zacatecas plans to open a new air travel route to Ciudad Juárez in 2024.

Zacatecas plans to open a new air travel route to Ciudad Juárez in 2024.

During FITUR Madrid, the Secretary of Tourism for the northern Mexican state of Zacatecas, LeRoy Barragán Ocampo, announced plans to launch a new air route later this year to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, in the border between Mexico and the United States of America.

Tourism of Mexican-Americans is one of Zacatecas’ strengths. Currently, Volaris and American Airlines provide flights to San José and Los Angeles, California, as well as daily flights to Tijuana, Fort Worth, Texas, and Chicago, as stated by Barragán.

Barragán acknowledged a heightened perception of insecurity last year but
reassured, “Currently, Zacatecas is not listed in any high-impact crime indexes, so you can visit with confidence.”

In an effort to safeguard citizens, the state has increased the presence of authorities. Barragán mentioned that both the National Guard and state police are actively ensuring security in the region. “We’re also keeping a close eye on the highways,” he added.  Zacatecas is “a destination you can visit safely,” Barragán emphasised.

Barragán happily shared that the state has successfully recovered its pre-pandemic number of travellers. “We’ve got them back, and that’s fantastic news,” he exclaimed. “We’re all set with passengers eager to experience Zacatecas.”

Zacatecas, known for its rich mining history, is a cultural hotspot. Its capital, also named Zacatecas, holds the UNESCO World Heritage status and stands as a key colonial destination. With seven Magic Towns, four archaeological sites, diverse cuisine, and popularity as a wedding destination, the state offers a vibrant array of experiences.