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What Makes The Best Casino In The World?

What Makes The Best Casino In The World?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of articles profiling the ‘Top 5’ or ‘Best Ever’ casinos, so what’s the point in adding to that list? You’ve heard it – or rather read it – all before, The Bellagio this and Casino de Monte Carlo that.

Instead we decided that it would be better to profile the qualities and characteristics of great and amazing casinos. Because ultimately, the casino visiting experience is completely subjective. To some an evening spent playing Jackpotjoy online where people can play bingo.

Without further ado then, let’s dive right in and start looking at what makes for an amazing casino…

At the WinStar World Casino and Resort punters can choose from a massive 8,600 slots and electronic gaming terminals. The 550,000 Venetian Macao casino has a staggering 800 gaming tables to choose from and the sprawling City of Dreams contains three separate casinos, four hotels and 30 restaurants.

When it comes to variety and range, there are no land-based casinos on the planet that come close to these three mega casinos. In fact, the range of slots on offer at all of these super casinos dwarves almost every online casino on the market.


Having a huge variety of games available for customers isn’t just a sure-fire way to get your casino included in our articles, but it’s a guaranteed way of keeping players happy and engaged. Even on their busiest days, these casinos always have terminals and tables open for players to get involved in.

A huge variety of games also helps to keep regular players engaged and active as no one day of casino action ever has to be the same. In short, variety is a shortcut to success when it comes to opening a casino.

If you want great variety, reliable and trustworthy games and some of the best offers and bonuses around all you have to do is open up your mobile phone and navigate yourself to an online casino app.

That’s because online casinos simply trumps land-based casinos in almost every measurement, except for experience. Whilst it may be cheaper and more convenient to wage online, is it really as fun as visiting a great casino? Not at all.

What makes The Venetian a must-visit casino is the quirky indoor Gondola rides that you can take and what makes the Casino de Monte Carlo so amazing is the unique history and ornateness of the venue.

Every casino has to have a Unique Selling Point and with the rise of the online market, land-based casinos can no longer bet on that being their value for money. Instead they have to make their casinos exciting and enticing places to visit.

Which brings us neatly on to…

Non-Casino Attractions
Casinos in real life are an awful lot different to how it is portrayed on our TV and cinema screens. In reality there are no long-drawn out battles between players and croupiers and no huge lurches from despair to elation.

In truth, casino gaming can be a fairly straightforward and quick experience that, if you blink, you can miss, as Trooper sang in 1979, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Every good casino then has to have attractions and facilities that keep players engaged and content in between quick blasts at the gaming tables.

The best casinos on the planet don’t just have a plethora of bars and restaurants for players to visit, they have shopping malls, and cinema screens. The type of facilities that make – you guessed it – your visit to their casino a great experience.

In Summary
What you would class as the best casino in the world might be very different to what we would view as the premier casino on the planet. Which is just the nature of preference, it’s all subjective at the end of the day.

There are though, a number of categories that a casino has to excel in, in order to be considered as one of the best in the world. Variety is a key consideration as it’s what entices new players in and keeps old players happy.

The biggest considerations outside of that are the overall experience that players get when they visit a casino and, rather counterintuitively, the number of non-casino attractions on offer.

Experience, history, vibe or whatever you want to call it is more important than ever before, because it is what separates land-based casinos from their online counterparts.

The range and variety of non-casino attractions also play into that as they are key to keeping players engaged and happy. Manage to nail all of these considerations and you’ve got a great casino on your hands.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think to our criteria and what you think is the best casino on the planet.