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Flight Booking Price Increase Halts in August 2022

Flight Booking Price Increase Halts in August 2022

Trevolution Group ticket price data suggests that prices of bookings made in August have returned to 2019 levels. The previous time booking prices were on par with 2019 levels was in January.

Peter Vazan, CEO of Trevolution Group: “For most of 2022, we saw ticket prices for international flights in the US increase beyond pre-pandemic 2019 levels, mainly driven by pent-up demand and an increase in airline costs. The data signals at least a temporary stop in the booking price increase.”

The average price increase has been driven by several regions. For flights from the US to Europe or Africa, prices in August 2022 were still up by around 12-17% compared to August 2019, while Asia was still up 22%.

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