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Useful Tips For Travelers Visiting Indonesia

Useful Tips For Travelers Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is an incredibly beautiful country made up of over 17,000 breathtaking islands. The enchanting landscaping is most of the reason thousands of tourists flock to the region each year. What’s more, the charmingly rich diversity is enough to impress anyone. Whether you are planning a trip to Jakarta, Nusa Penida, or Bali, these top-rated travel tips will ensure you can get the best out of your stay.

Enjoying The Local Cuisine
Indonesian cuisine is exceptionally affordable, and in addition to this, the region has been a favored option for foodies in search of exotic tastes. This means that you should definitely book restaurants in Jakarta to ensure you get the best first-hand experience of the local cuisine. Dining with the locals would be a fantastic decision that will only enhance your experience that much more. It would be wise only to eat cooked fruits and vegetables during your stay to best avoid any unpleasant stomach complaints.

Only Drink Bottled Water
Unfortunately, there is a large number of regions that do not boast fresh drinking water, and Indonesia is one of them. Rather than risk contracting some very unpleasant viruses and bacterias that could be lurking in the tap water, you should insist on only drinking bottled water. The fastest way to ruin a vacation is by spending the duration of your trip with an upset tummy. Luckily, this issue can easily be avoided. You should also bring along a few travel soaps and tissues to maintain hygiene on your adventures.

Pack Light
This destination offers so many incredible travel experiences that it is highly likely you will jump from one adventure straight to the next for the duration of your trip. This is why it would be best to travel as light as possible by only packing essentials. What’s more, this will also allow you room to purchase a few shockingly affordable souvenirs that you will most likely want to bring home with you. There’s a big difference between being prepared and overpacking, and while you surely won’t want to leave essentials behind, overpacking will really ruin your experience.

Learning Survival Phrases
There may not be a need to learn to speak Indonesian fluently, although, it would be a wise decision to brush up on a few survival phrases to be able to navigate your way through the region without much trouble. There are many instances where you may need to communicate with the locals, which means you should at least learn how to say “hello,” and “where is the toilet” to ensure you aren’t stuck in a pickle at any point.

Interacting With The Locals
Indonesians are surprisingly friendly and welcoming people, which means that you should make an effort to interact with them as much as possible. There is no better way to truly experience a destination by getting to know the people that live there. It is not at all uncommon for locals to greet travelers and start conversations; therefore, there is absolutely no need to be shy at all.