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The Top Food Mistakes Every travelers Makes

The Top Food Mistakes Every travelers Makes

When you are travelling to a new country, it is always an exciting experience. But when you do not plan for it well, then it can be a daunting one. You might accurately prepare for your trip, but you are bound to make some mistakes along the way.

The adventure of visiting another country or a new place means that you should have a taste of their cuisine. Traveling does have its own perks. You get to experience new things for the first time, like you’re getting in 1 dollar mobile casinos, and meet with new people. It’s a life changing experience for many.

However, there are a few mistakes which I am sure that you will make during your food tasting journeys. For instance, most travelers make the mistake of drinking water from Thailand. However, in such developing places, people forget that the water might be infected with bacteria and viruses.

The Top Food Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make as a Traveler

Here is an in-depth look at food mistakes which travelers make.

#1. Eating native cuisine.
What is the need of travelling to Italy to eat spaghetti and meatballs when you have already had it at home? Yes, I know you will argue that Spaghetti in Italy might be a bit different since it is its place of origin. But that is something which most travelers make doing things that they are familiar with already.
The beauty of travelling to a new place gives you a grand chance to try new stuff. This includes eating new foods. Forget about the foods you know and have eaten and tried out the locals individual. It would not hurt to have fresh food experiences.

#2. Burping after eating
Imagine that you have had your fill and you start burping at the table. The occasional one burp is considered as a sign of appreciation in some cultures such as Asia. However when you overdo it, then you are stepping out of the dining etiquette. Therefore you should be aware of your surroundings when you are on vacation.

#3. Clearing your plate.
When you were growing up, it was common that your parents forced you to clear the plate even when it’s broccoli. A lot of people don’t like broccoli, but it is healthy. Removing your plate after eating might mean different things in different cultures. For instance, in Asia, you should not make your plate because it might say that your hosts have not fed you well. Therefore be aware of the food culture in different places.

#4. Eating in public means of transport.
When you are enjoying your vacation its common that you will use public means of transport such as trains and buses. In North America, it is widespread that you will come across people eating in trains and buses. However, in some places, this might be frowned upon because you might mess the floor or dirty another traveler.

#5. Going in for Fast Food
Fast food isn’t what you should be looking at, even when you are traveling. There’s a reason why fast food has been named so, you can prepare it without much efforts and in a swift manner. Another meaning of this term lies primarily in its nutrient value. Fast food provides negligible nutrients to your body along with contributing to elevated calories.
You can have such foodstuff once in a while, during emergency but, consuming them on a regular basis isn’t great for your health. These are linked with high sugar values, especially salted snacks, gums, candies and carbonated beverages. Another set of examples are sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, pizzas, chicken and many more.

#6. Eating Anytime You Want
Sure, sticking to a schedule while traveling can seem difficult. However, you do need to stick to it when possible. There is no substitute to healthy, homemade food that is served at specific time intervals which sets your routine nicely. However, if you are traveling, we would suggest to keep your meal times regular and avoid fast food.

#7. Look for a Balanced Diet
Sure, you can try out new cuisines while traveling. However, ensure you have your staple for the day. It could be rice, noodles or something else. The focus has to be on the carbohydrates. A balanced diet possesses every minor nutrient necessary for attaining the state of health. With fast food, there’s no such thing as healthy, they contain maximally the harmful sugars and fats.

What mistake did you make while you were travelling? Let us know below.