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Top Places to Travel for Stargazing This Christmas

Top Places to Travel for Stargazing This Christmas

Are you looking for places to visit during this Christmas for stargazing? We get your back in this post. Visit one of the places suggested in this post to experience the amazing night sky and observe the shining stars and moon. These locations are across the world. They have the clearest, darkest, and they are pretty cool for stargazing. The following are our suggested top places to visit during Christmas for stargazing.

1)        Canary Islands
Studies have shown that human activities in cities will allow us to see close to 500 stars shining in the sky at night. Canary offers the best stargazing sites for you because it has the darkest and clearest skies. It has high altitudes and very close to the equator. It is a community in Spain and several hundred kilometers away from Morocco. You can attend one of the Starmus festivals done in this community biannually. This will allow a thrilling stargazing experience, and people get to celebrate science, art, and culture of the community. Once you have decided which place to visit for amazing stargazing. You can start with stargazing here by buying an affordable, quality telescope for stargazing. Many telescopes can make your stargazing experience great.

2)        Joshua Tree National Park
It is located in California. Also, you can get the best gaze of the star from this national park. It provides the best natural skies by protecting the environment from artificial lights, which can affect spoil a fun sky-gazing experience. In November of every year, the park holds her sky festival. At the festival, visitors witness the best weather condition and enjoy stargazing at night. They are advised to reduce their artificial light to experience an amazing sky-gazing moment. So plan your visit to this amazing park with one of our great telescopes for amateur stargazer.

3)        NamibRand Nature Reserve
The reserve is located in Namibia. It has majestic clear skies that offer the best stargazing experience for you. The reserve has a typical natural environment without urban activities and lighting that can hinder the sky-gazing activities. Whenever you visit this reserve, it is advisable to get a guided tour that will take you around the environment of the reserve. You can also enjoy the outdoor camping and bonfire offered at the reserve. The reserve has many stargazing locations where you can have a magical view of the sky with one of our best telescopes for amateur stargazers to view the planet at night.

4)        Connemara
It is an isolated place located in Ireland. It has no urban invention. It is one of the best places to visit in Europe to view the planet at night. It offers a stand out locations for amazing stargazing in Europe. You can buy one of our telescopes for amateur stargazers at an affordable price. The telescope will give you a stand out view of the planet at night.

5)        Yosemite National Park
You can also visit this park that is located in Northern California. It is a remote area from the cities. With its zero urban invention, you can get the best stargazing experience. It offers one of the darkest skies in the world. Therefore, with its dark skies, you can enjoy the best astronomical scenes that the park offers for amateur astronomers during the third quarter of each year. You can have a memorable sky-gazing experience with one of our best amateur telescopes at an affordable price.

6)        Cedar Breaks National Monument
It has an altitude of about 10350 ft., which enables you to sight the Saturn rings, moon craters, and many star clusters. When you visit this monument in Utah, you will enjoy star themed parties that are held on Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the darkest skies of Cedar with one of the telescopes for amateur stargazers at an affordable price.

7)        Sahara Desert
Sahara desert is one of the largest deserts in the world, with a landmass of almost ten percent of Africa. Not many people know that Sahara is one of the best places to enjoy the planet, gazing at the skies at night. This is because the Sahara has less population and does not have night pollution. Therefore, you can enjoy a clearer sky-gazing experience in the Sahara. The desert host many visitors from around the globe. They stay in a camp inside their tents and enjoy the beautiful stargazing offers by the darkest sky in the word. Do not forget to buy one of the cheap telescopes available for amateur stargazers.