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Why gambling tourism is doing so well in the UK

Why gambling tourism is doing so well in the UK

One of the regions across the globe where casinos are doing excellent is in Great Britain, commonly known as the United Kingdom. Besides the great destinations of casino and gambling like Macau and Las Vegas, UK is taking the ground and dominating this field. But where do they get their traffic? Is it from the UK citizens alone? Well, keep reading.

The New Gambling Strategy: Tourist Gambling
After Las Vegas suffered hard on the recession of the home prices, it affected not only the gambling industry but also the employment of the thousands who were working in it. Besides, gambling tourism could not thrive because it was not an ideal destination for travelers.

Although it has recovered, it has not been able to get to the top position it was previously. Macau has now taken over and has become a destination for gamblers across the globe.

Other destinations like London, UK are now taking on a new strategy of not just relying on the home gamblers. Currently, every serious gambling destination is trying to make its casinos ideal enough for travelers and tourists. So how do they ensure that tourists drain their wallets into their casinos?

Ways in Which Tourism Gambling Works in UK Casinos
1. Through Resort Services
Since UK casinos have other services than gambling, tourists who visit the casinos enjoy gambling and resort services offered in the casinos. A couple of decades ago, most casinos in the United Kingdom used to make over 90% of their revenues from gambling alone.

However, this has ceased, especially after online gambling has dominated the field. Through their licensed gambling sites, now people can play from their homes. However, you may need to visit the location itself. Many tourists, when in the UK, tend to visit their casinos.

When tourists visit brick and mortar gambling centers, they not only visit their spin reels and slot machines. Most tourists usually like to experience the exotic and modern night clubs and resorts in these casinos. These resorts have become one great way of earning revenue for most casinos.

Gambling tourists who visit the resorts and other entertainment areas in the UK casinos are contributing to over 40% of the revenues that UK casinos get. It is impressive that Las Vegas is making good revenues from foods and room services in their casinos. For Macau, this trick seems not to work so well for them. Over 87% of its revenue comes from the floor.

2. Free Drinks
Although drinks are not strictly for tourists gamblers, this is another trick that UK casinos are using on the travelers. After all, who doesn’t want a free drink? Well, they don’t just give free drinks to every idle person
Since most tourist gamblers want to be on the reels and spin tables, the casinos ensure that they keep them stuck on those slot machines by giving them free drinks. Of course, if you are idle, you will not receive the drinks. This a trick that is working on gamblers and is keeping them on the reels for long.

3. Through Bonuses
Most casinos in the UK and across the globe tend to put strict terms on your first stake. As a traveler, you will have to comply with the rules for you to bet on their casinos.
They use the bonuses to lure you to continue playing. The rule of thumb is, the more you play, the more the bonuses. Other casinos will offer rewards to those who spend the most. Others will tell you to join some VIP clubs for you to get gifts. So many tourist gamblers tend to spend thousands of dollars to get a bonus.

4. Through psychological marketing
Did you know that gambling is addictive? Yes, you can gamble all night without knowing it. Most casinos in the UK tend to avoid putting clocks in their walls to encourage you to continue gambling.

    Unique Designing and Lights
    Getting free drinks, bonuses, and other goodies will make you want to continue with your gambling without considering to check the time. Have you ever asked yourself why all the unique lighting and excellent interior designing?
    Well, this is a strategy to make tourist gamblers to feel at home, feel it is still early, enjoy the game, and continue gambling. This designing usually makes it hard for you to differentiate day and night. And that’s how you continue gambling all night.

      Celebratory Soundtracks
      This celebratory moment is another way travelers and gambling are working together to keep tourists in the UK casinos. They will ensure that they celebrate you publicly and flash some lights & put a track when you win some hundreds of dollars. Of course, tourist gamblers will feel at home and appreciated and continue gambling.

      I live in Sweden and play Swedish online and land-based casinos, but I have been traveling and gambling all around the world in places like Las Vegas, UK, and Macau. There for sure is a growing market because I meet more and more people like me doing this. Gambling tourism is slowly becoming a profitable business, to brick and mortar casinos in the UK.