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Top Global Travel Destinations of 2023

If you have a taste for travel and adventure, this piece is for you, so read on!

The thrill of jetting from one country to another is near-unrivaled. Aside from enjoying the fine sights and immersing oneself in different cultures, tourism is a highly educative activity. Nevertheless, without adequate preparation, it can become quite a messy affair.

For instance, getting in touch with your friends and loved ones from abroad can be a hassle, except you use an eSIM provider with the best coverage. However, once you’re adequately prepared, it’s a simple matter of choosing the most appealing travel destinations.

Thankfully, you don’t need to think too much about where to go. Here are some of the top travel destinations for you to consider in 2023:

Cairo, Egypt
Would any travel destination list ever be complete without Egypt? Hardly!

One of Egypt’s biggest new highlights is the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is only a few meters away from Giza’s Great Pyramids. Tourists can expect to see over a million square feet of museum exhibition space and feast their eyes on historical artifacts, including a magnificent statue of the Pharaoh Ramses II, an expansive plaza overlooking the vast desert, and luxurious outdoor gardens.

If you fancy a cruise down the Nile, there are several luxurious vessels to choose from, all boasting world-class facilities on board. On the other hand, if you prefer to wake up to a view of the Nile rather than sail on it, there are fine hotels in the region to relax in.

Bohol Island, The Philippines
Are you a tourist with a flair for awesome beaches, exotic wildlife, and fun adventures? Bohol Island is calling in 2023!

Bohol Island is one of the islands in the Visayas archipelago, and it is known for its lush forests and paradisiacal beaches. As such, it’s a great travel destination for tourists looking to spice up their trips with adventure activities and wildlife-watching.

The Chocolate Hills, located at the island’s center, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see. The site consists of over a thousand symmetrical, near-identical mounds. Also, you can enjoy the sights of the world’s smallest primates, in their natural habitat, at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.

Fez, Morocco
Fez is a great city for those that want to experience rich culture (and cuisine). The historic city of Fez allows you to enjoy a unique blend of the modern world and the Middle Ages.

If you’re in the mood to wander about and feast your eyes on sights and sounds, there are more than 9000 alleys to explore. Unsurprisingly, Fez also plays host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fez El-Bali, which has several mosques and souks to visit.

The Attarine open-air market is an opportunity for you to enjoy the heady aromas of spices, incense and herbs, while you can purchase local crafts as mementos. Also, you can try out local snacks like jben, pastilla and bisara soup.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Here, the scenery is simply enchanting! The capital of Slovenia is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and has plenty of scenic charm. The city also has the EU’s most extensive pedestrianized area, with several parks that draw tourists from all around the world.

Just less than an hour from Ljubljana lies Lake Bled, a beautiful water expanse with a tiny island set in its center. Adding to the magical scenery are a cliff-top castle and mountain backdrop. You can also visit Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle for more wondrous sights.

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is known for its wide-ranging natural scenery that span the Haida Gwaii Islands to the Rockies Mountain range. British Columbia provides a rich, indigenous experience for tourists, as it is home to several indigenes of the First Nation.

You can kayak on the high-elevation, freshwater Chilko Lake and enjoy tours by Tsulhqot’in cultural ambassadors. Additionally, you can explore the exotic Desolation Sound and Quait Bay.

Loire Valley, France
This beautiful valley boasts several Middle-Age châteaux (castles) to enchant tourists. In the background, the Loire river flows past, clearly visible from all the 22 castles in the region. Here, you can explore its sandy shores and enjoy the sights of vineyards.

If you want to bike or hike through the area, a 900-kilometer trail is there to traverse, beginning from Cuffy in the Cher and terminating in St. Brevin. Additionally, a shorter 400-kilometer route exists, taking you through the Loire Valley from one château to another.
In addition, you can fly on a hot-air balloon to properly appreciate the environment, enjoy the magical vista and enjoy refreshing and tranquil sensations.

With so many destination trips waiting to be explored in 2023, there’s much to be excited about. Instead of visiting the same old places over again, you can try out some of these new spots. However, you should do so without compromising connectivity, which is why you need a reliable eSIM provider like Holafly whenever you travel. The entire world lies literally beneath your feet. Explore like never before!