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The Still Rising Trend in Private Air Travel In 2023

While the world regained its “sea legs” as far as travel went, after a few years that left us very wary of enclosed spaces and foreign places, the use of private air travel reached record highs. Many assumed this trend would disappear once the threat seemed mostly passed, and travellers would go back to flying with commercial airlines. It seems the dip predicted by industry experts just never came, and all private jet charter companies are still being booked at record rates. From first-time fliers to seasoned monthly travellers, people still book private planes rather than return to previous routines when they travel.

The luxury of flying with a private airline has clearly taken hold of travellers, who will now settle for nothing less than the most comfortable possible conditions when they travel by air. Private jet companies which previously had only one or two aircraft to their names have been able to expand their fleet sizes significantly and increase their income and turnover. There’s one catch: with inflation rates rising worldwide, base prices are rising for the industry’s costs and pushing clients’ costs higher. Will people continue to book private flights regardless of the cost? Let’s look at what experts predict that 2023 will hold for the private aviation industry.

Why Fly Private in 2023?
The list of reasons to choose private air travel over commercial is seemingly never-ending. To start off with, the level of comfort that travellers experience when flying privately rather than commercially is unsurpassed. You and your party will be the sole occupants of the entire aircraft, and you’ll have the legroom that is so unavailable on commercial flights. The squashy chairs and sofas are relaxing, and there’s always a blanket handy if you need to take an in-flight snooze. You might have access to a buffet or a previously agreed-upon menu far exceeding the mini-meals you’ll be served on a commercial flight. There are no cramped, small spaces, no noisy snorers or crying babies and no one coughing in your personal space.

Who doesn’t want to arrive at their destination well-rested, un-harried and stress-free? If you fly privately rather than booking a ticket on a commercial airline, your takeoff time will be scheduled according to your needs and not an airline’s timetable. You won’t have to leave at an ungodly hour and lose sleep on an uncomfortable journey. If you need to work on your journey, you’ll have the peace and quiet necessary to get everything done. If you want to sleep, that can be arranged as well. There’s no waiting in long lines and worrying that the airline will misplace your luggage before you reach your final destination. You won’t need to wipe down the seats with disinfectant wipes before you sit in them and stress about being ill on your holiday because the private airline ensures that the cabin and seats are cleaned thoroughly before every new journey.

Flying privately is the ultimate in luxury travel, and it only serves to make your journey more fulfilling and relaxing from the second you take off until the second you touch down back at home. Who wouldn’t want to fly privately?

What Does The Increasing Trend Mean For Travel?
Though costs are rising due to inflation, an upward trend in booking private flights means more options are flooding the market and offering travellers more choices when booking. A market full of options is full of good, healthy competition. Airlines will offer rates designed to entice customers to use their services rather than booking with another airline. This trend is perfect for consumers who want the best deal they can get at the best rates possible, even in a marketplace where inflation is driving prices up.

Healthy competition is good for both the consumer and the marketplace and industry. Competition promotes growth, and experts predict that the private airline industry will see leaps and bounds of that over the coming year. More and more brokers are going to switch from consumer to private. Still, consumers will likely want to cut out the middleman if they can and deal directly with the source to avoid paying unnecessary broker fees. This means airlines with excellent customer service will rise to the top as the cream of the crop.

All this industry expansion means job creation will come, with more and more people being employed on different levels by the private jet industry than ever before.

Wrap Up
The private jet charter industry is doing well and can expect to do well for the remainder of the year at least. With patrons seeking comfort and convenience over cost-effectiveness, we believe the private jet industry will have its best year.