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The Integration of Casinos at Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Although traveling and exploring new places can definitely play a big part in the vacation experience, and hitting up more than one location with little breaks and stops along the way has its own charm, sometimes all you really want to do is reach your vacation destination and then simply stay put. Instead of visiting a variety of locations, why not bring all the different locations to you?

Thanks to luxury hotels and resorts striving to give visitors a rounded experience in every possible way, you now only have to put in a minimal amount of effort to experience an all-in-one vacation! More and more resorts and luxury destinations are striving to make their locations as inclusive as possible, with activities that are suitable for all members of the family. These resorts can offer theme parks, fine dining, and luxury retail shopping, all within walking distance!

So, if you’re after a trip that’s inclusive for the whole family, and you’ll be able to hit the slots beyond specific regions such as LA, Vegas, or the West Virginia Casino, you’ll be sure to find activities to keep everyone entertained at luxury hotels and resorts!

What’s an integrated resort?
Even before the invention of integrated resorts such as the West Virginia casino resorts, it was well known that resorts themselves were largely self-contained, enabling visitors to take part in a variety of activities from the same accommodation.

Integrated resorts take that concept one step further and have developed it to include even more than before. An integrated resort typically refers to a type of resort, or luxury hotel, which includes casinos, theme parks, fine dining facilities, and even luxury shopping facilities.

As you can imagine, having a mixture of both non-gambling and gambling facilities on the same site means that it opens up the vacation resort to a much bigger customer pool, because there’s a higher chance of there being something to do that’s tailored to every individual’s interests. This can make the vacation planning process a lot smoother because, chances are, everyone’s hobbies are more likely to be accounted for at an integrated resort than any other non resort type accommodation.

Where was the first integrated resort?
Although integrated resorts have grown in popularity in recent years, the very first integrated resort actually launched as far back as 1989. Located in Las Vegas and developed by Steve Wynn, The Mirage was the first of its kind, a resort that paved the way for future luxury hotels and resorts to come.

At the time, the Mirage was considered to be one of the most expensive resorts ever made, costing $630 million, and it also claimed the title of being one of the largest hotels in the world. Some of the most impressive attractions in The Mirage included an artificial volcano that erupted every night, as well as an animal habitat featuring tigers and dolphins, and it was so popular that it even had the likes of The Beatles performing there!

With plans to redesign and remodel some parts of the hotel, The Mirage is still one of the most impressive locations to visit, even today!

Where are some of the best integrated resorts?
Although The Mirage definitely paved the way for future hotels and resorts, there are certainly some locations out there that have arguably outdone The Mirage and are world-famous for good reason.

Caesars Palace
Also located in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is every bit as grand from the inside, and as the name itself suggests, the architectural design is made to replicate the Roman style of building. This would definitely be the sort of luxury that would have been right up Julius Caesar’s alley!

With a 24-hour poker room, fine dining with some of the most authentic Chinese cuisine you could ask for, the ability to host boxing matches, and even hosting a Grand Prix in 1981 and 1982, Caesars Palace truly has something for everyone.

Marina Bay Sands
Singapore is another location that has really taken a liking to integrated resorts, and Marina Bay Sands is no exception to that. Opened in 2010, it was considered to be one of the most expensive casino properties, estimated to be worth around $6.8 billion.

With well over 2,000 hotel rooms, there’s no shortage of where to stay at Marina Bay, and it really does seem like a little world of its own. It includes a mall, a theater, world-famous restaurants, and even a museum! It also is home to science and art exhibits, two crystal pavilions that can float, and the world’s largest atrium casino.