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Saudi Arabia’s Best Restaurant 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Best Restaurant 2022

Billionaire is a hidden gem in Riyadh vibrant city center. Each night at Billionaire is as unexpected as it is unforgettable. It’s eclectic spirit invokes a sense of excitement and energy that simply cannot be found anywhere else
The restaurant was recently awarded the Best Restaurant in Saudi Arabia at the 2022 World Culinary Awards, BTN caught up with them to find out what’s cooking?

BTN:  Congratulations on winning Saudi Arabia’s Best Restaurant 2022 at the recent World Culinary Awards. This is an incredible achievement when you consider the number of amazing restaurants in the Kingdom, how has the news filtered down to your staff and your customers, and what are their reactions?
BR: We have had a magical reaction, so we are very proud of what Billionaire Riyadh accomplished.

BTN. How do you intend to market this incredible success to returning and future customers?
BR: We are busy using all available media platforms such as our website, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

BTN. There are a number of amazing fine dining restaurants in Riyadh and across the Kingdom, what makes yours stand out from the rest, what do you offer that they don’t?
BR: Our unique luxury venue stages amazing performances/ live bands and music, the vibrant great service and our Tailor-made two option menus Italian and new Asian wow our customers all year round


BTN. How much of the menu created by your chef will remain for 2023 and will you be adding any new additions?
BR: We will keep 80% of our current menu however new dishes created by our executive chef will take also feature in 2023

BTN: Dining out is about much more than just the quality of the food, diners are looking for an experience, something unique, a bespoke offering that will have them sharing their experience on social media and with their friends and colleagues, how much of this do you agree with and how does it fit with your restaurants ethos?
BR: Indeed it’s all about lifestyle, a luxury touch, an extravaganza that offers unique moments to guests that can be enjoyed with family or friends.

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