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3 key elements of successful hotel sales

3 key elements of successful hotel sales

Successful selling of hotel services takes place on several levels. It can be influenced even before the guest arrives at the hotel and also once they have crossed the threshold. Marketing activities should be as broad as possible and start online, when potential guests arrive at the hotel’s website or offer on booking portals. What elements contribute to successful sales?

Online activities
Online visibility is a key element related to sales these days. This includes a well-designed and functional website, as well as a presence on social media or booking platforms and all the places that can help to increase interest and sales conversions. This, of course, involves handling all these activities. It is worth using automation tools for this purpose, which reduce the risk of errors such as overbooking and also reduce the time spent managing multiple activities. This is where tools such as channel manager come in handy, enabling you to manage availability in multiple sales channels simultaneously. With one click, you can modify prices and manage availability. Thus, there is control over occupancy both through direct sales via the website and through booking portals. It is also worth remembering that it is direct sales through the website that generates the lowest possible cost of customer acquisition, the benefit of building recognition of the property and the chance to build a long-term relationship between the guest and the hotel. It is therefore worth equipping the website with tools that enable direct bookings.

Hospitality in service to every guest
Pleasant, unobtrusive yet friendly service is extremely important in the hotel industry. Guests not only want to feel welcome, but to be served comfortably. It is worth remembering that such service applies not only to those who directly interact with guests, such as reception staff, but to everyone employed in the hotel. How does this relate to sales? When a guest feels comfortable in a hotel, his or her willingness to enjoy additional activities increases. They will also be more likely to recommend it after their departure.

Online visibility
The aforementioned online presence in various channels is a must, but a hotel website or social media profile alone is not enough. Their effectiveness depends on reaching potential customers. They must therefore be visible online. Here, advertising and marketing activities based on positioning, i.e. obtaining high positions in search engines, are essential. In addition to organic traffic acquisition methods, it is worth using tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Metasearch Advertising. Their action allows you to reach your target group and significantly increase traffic to your website, which improves conversion, enabling you to reach and effectively acquire new customers. This is one practical application of the sales funnel. It is also important to optimise the website, adapting it to search engine robots, while maintaining its functionality and adapting it to the user’s needs, including by creating valuable content.