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Riga for Hikers - Explore the Unknown Trails of Baltic

When our body feels chained with all the daily routine, and our soul craves beauty and movement, it is just the right time to board a plane and fly to…Riga!

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is always associated with Baltic countries and thus, a rather cold climate; however, it is much more than that. Apart from mesmerizing views, friendly people, and numerous options for entertainment, Riga is a treat for those who are into hiking. The routes are the fuse of architecture, the Latvian lifestyle, the greenest greenery, and the salty breeze of the Baltic Sea.

What can be a better solution against monotonous days than a pleasant and long walk into the unknown, and then, a visit to spas in Riga to seal the beauty of the day with a relaxing atmosphere? Let’s explore the most worthy hiking routes to Riga and help you extend your ‘walking geography’.

Top Hiking Routes in Riga
Riga is a modest city. Its pleasant beauty helps you refill your energy tanks, and rediscover the pristine and unspoiled beauty around. It’s a perfect example of a modern city taking care of nature, without harming it in any way.

As long as Riga is an off-the-beaten-track trip, you will not encounter crowds of people wanting to take a photo of a famous spot, but only true admirers of the atmosphere. 

1. Daugavgriva Beach Hike
Total distance: 16 km (10 miles).

The place is one of the neighborhoods in Riga, which is located next to the sea. The area is covered by forest and isn’t densely populated, which makes it a great place for a walk any time of the year. The Baltic Sea is always refreshing, even during winter walks, showing its power and strength.

While the total distance is 16 km, it’s up to people to decide on the length of the route. It will be a good idea to take some snacks and have some short breaks.

Even though the park is located in the city, and can be reached by public transport, it is important to check the schedule, as the buses may go only once an hour.

2. Mezaparks Park
Total area: 424 hectares.

Mezapark is a landmark of Riga. When heading off to the park, you will be surprised to see that it looks like a forest. Mezapark includes a residential area and a large urban park, with numerous attractions, an adventure park, and Kisezers Lake Beach. You can easily reach the park by taking public transport from the Old City.

3. Daugava Promenada Bike Path
Total distance: 11.3 km (7 miles).

The place can be reached from the Old Town, and it stretches along the Daugava River. The route will be highly appreciated by cyclists and active walkers. You can combine both activities by walking one way and renting a bike for going backward (or vice versa).

4. Kipsala Island
Total area: 200 hectares.

Kipsala is an island within the city line. It is located between the Zunda Channel and the Daugava River. This green heaven is reached over the Vanšu Bridge on foot, or just using public transport.
Historically, this area was more related to fishermen and their families, yet now, every visitor can enjoy colorful wooden houses, sculptures all over the area, memorials, museums, restaurants, and the city skyline across the river.

Kipsala Island is a piece of nature that attracts with its tranquility and unrushed tempo of life. If you add it to your plans, make sure you dedicate plenty of time to this marvel and enjoy every moment spent there.

5. Ogre Blue Hills Nature Park
Total area: 312 hectares.

Ogre Blue Hills Nature Park will take you outside the city, to learn more about the way this country lives. Ogre Blue Hills Park has several walking and cycling routes through the forest and around the Dubkalnu water reservoir.

It is a perfect place for those looking for peace and quiet, as coniferous forests will let every visitor find a secluded place and just feel the unity with nature. There is also an observation tower on the highest hill, with a splendid view of the surroundings.

6. Cena Bog Boardwalk Hike
Total distance: around 3.1 miles / 5 km.

It is a circular hike, whose routes lead the visitors into the world of beautiful nature and Skaista Lake. The full circle may be difficult to complete, however, any distance will bring pleasure to the eyes, mind, and legs.

The Bottom Line
Riga is a unique place, it combines all the features of the active urban lifestyle, yet, it manages to preserve the unspoiled beauty and strength of nature. Everyone who visits Riga can explore a multitude of landmarks, and then follow the trails into the world of nature and regain inner strength.

When you feel overwhelmed with all the duties, treat yourself to a trip to Riga and explore its wonderful world of modest, nonetheless mesmerizing beauty.